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Social Media Marketing Campaign

At John Griffin Realty ltd we like to keep abreast of the modern trends and changes so we can give you the correct advice when looking at selling your motel. In light of this we have been looking at social media marketing campaigns and have decided to invest in one ourselves, monitor the results and then be informed enough to give our opinion to our clients.

As such we have now got a facebook page, twitter account, instagram, pinterest and linkedin and are looking forward to the information we gather form the various channels. We have also employed mediapa to be our marketing managers and as such they will be promoting our business through their various channels. Below is the first article they have produced and we are excited about how it all comes together and what results we will get.

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Hamilton based John Griffin Realty LTD are your experienced New Zealand Motel Brokers for buying or selling motels.

Anne, John, Kathie
Specialising in facilitating motel sales and giving advice on motelling, Hamilton based John Griffin Realty LTD are ideal for motel owners and prospective purchasers.

The team at John Griffin Realty LTD have expert knowledge of motel industry and operation with a lifetime guarantee. John Griffin Realty LTD have a combined 67 years real estate and motel industry experience.

John Griffin has more than 48 years in the real estate industry, in 1979 John sold his first motel business and was instantaneously enticed to the tourism aspect of the industry and the innovative nature of the moteliers themselves. John Griffin has been at the forefront of motel broking in New Zealand for the past 30 years. John has been personally involved in hundreds of motel transactions throughout New Zealand.

John is a consultant to the Motel Association of New Zealand, he recognises industry trends and is well qualified to advise in the sale, purchase or lease of your motel. John is an Honorary Life Member of the Motel Association of New Zealand, a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, a R.E.I.N.Z Business Broker Specialist and a Life Member of the Waikato Motel Association.

Kathie Shepard, a Motel Broker for John Griffin Realty was previously owner/operator of the Aaron Court Motor Inn in Hamilton for 10 years. “During my time owning the motel I was very involved with the Waikato Motel Association, holding various positions including secretary and vice president,” says Kathie.

Kathie was elected to the national body, the Motel Association of New Zealand as a board member, she also served as a member of the “Tourism Waikato Advisory Board” and The “Waikato University Hospitality Advisory Board”.

“Throughout my time in the motel I helped many a new motelier settle into the industry and gained a valuable insight into the motel industry and the uniqueness of individual motels”. Her past experience, allows her to give professional and informed advice on the motel industry in both the day to day running of a motel and the other broader matters which will relate to you when you buy or sell a motel.

If you are looking to buy or sell a motel you need to make an informed investment, so make sure you deal with the professional team at John Griffin Realty LTD, who knows and understands motels.

John Griffin Realty Lifetime Guarantee