New Zealand’s most experienced motel broker John Griffin Realty knows it is the little things that keeps guests coming back

HAMILTON-BASED John Griffin Realty Ltd is New Zealand’s most experienced motel broker. With a wealth of knowledge and involvement in the motel industry John Griffin and Kathie Shepard of John Griffin Realty Ltd have the expertise that could help your business.

Kathie Shepard, a motel broker from John Griffin Realty Ltd, has 10 years experience in operating a motel and knows that it is the little things such as thanking guests that keeps them coming back.

“Operating a motel is not just all about providing facilities and collecting money. It is about making your customers feel good, important and wanting to come back to you,” says Kathie, a motel broker from John Griffin Realty Ltd.

Thanking customers does not just have to be something done just from the counter as you can also get in contact with them after they have left.

“In this modern age of e-mail this task is made easier with a simple template you can set up and then flick off to each guest,” advises Kathie.

Kathie provides an example of an email which as well as a thank you also helps to prevent bad publicity and reviews.

“On behalf of the team at xyz motel, we thank you for your business and sincerely hope that you will choose to stay with us again in the future. If you have had a satisfying stay, tell others about your visit and post a comment on

Trip Advisor. If your stay wasn’t completely satisfying, please e-mail myself directly with your comments to enable us to continuously improve our services.”

Many front desk programmes allow you to set up templates for emails or letters and there are also tools in Outlook and Microsoft Word that can help you achieve this.

If this is something you would like to try with your guests but you don’t currently know how to use the services get in contact with Kathie Shepard at John Griffin Realty Ltd to get advice from New Zealand’s most experienced motel brokers.

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