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Hamilton-based John Griffin Realty offer expert advice and advocacy in a range of areas throughout the motel industry.


Hamilton-based John Griffin Realty offer expert advice and advocacy in a range of areas throughout the motel industry.Monday 12 October 2015, 9:54AM
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By Trish Watson

John Griffin and Kathie Shepard from Hamilton-based John Griffin Realty Ltd. offer a range of expert services to those looking for advocacy or advice in the New Zealand motel industry.

With more than 45 years’ experience in the motel industry between them, John, Anne and Kathie at John Griffin Realty Ltd are the best people to contact for guidance.

As New Zealand’s most experienced motel broker John Griffin has a wealth of expert knowledge that could benefit you and your current or future business.

“I’ve been involved in many aspects of the industry including rent reviews, facilitating between lessees and lessors and I am always happy to communicate with landlords, banks and be involved wherever else people might need help. When we deal with people we give them a lifetime guarantee and we are there to support them whenever they need it,” says John Griffin.

If you have considered purchasing a motel and getting involved in the industry but are unsure about how to go about it John Griffin Realty can give you and insight into whether the lifestyle is right for you.

Kathie Shepard, a motel broker from John Griffin Realty Ltd, has 10 years first-hand experience owning and operating a motel and knows the ins and outs of what it takes to run a motel.

“We know what kind of person will suit the industry, we ask them is this the right industry for you? We let people know if a motel isn’t right for them or will make their life hard while they are there,” says Kathie.

“For many motel brokers it is about the books and making profit, for us it is about a lot more than that we want to make sure clients see the full picture and we want to make sure we are helping them towards success,” Kathie adds.

The professional team at John Griffin Realty genuinely cares about your success and can help you achieve your goals in the motel industry.

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