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John Griffin Leads the Way in Motel Specialisation
Thursday 17 December 2015, 9:46AM
By Media PA

John GriffinJohn Griffin, owner of John Griffin Realty, is a 48-year industry veteran with a solid foundation of clients and a reputation as New Zealand’s most experienced motel broker.

Launching his career in real estate in 1967, he learned the concept of “specialisation”, working with Principal Brian Faire at Eastside Real Estate in Claudelands.

Appointed by Brian to specialise in sections, John quickly found professional success, making a name for himself in the real estate business. John recalls, “he [Brian] believed in specialisation which was new then. He was ahead of the times, and he said OK John, you can sell sections”.

John sold sections for the next two years, then specialised in other areas but the day he sold his first motel, John realised his calling.

“The lady next door had a friend who had a motel in Hamilton and she wanted to sell it”, explains John. “I went to see her and sat down with her, worked out a price and sold it. I went back to the office and said, “you know what? I’m only doing Motels now.”

John had found his niche. “I suppose I did it so quickly and easily I thought it was a piece of cake. It wasn’t of course. I had to do a lot of learning and a lot of understanding the industry. When you’re selling motels ninety percent of sales are the business of the motel, rather than the land and buildings.”

At the time nobody else in real estate was specialising in motels. “Motels were being sold,” says John, “but nobody specialised in it and this became my niche”

In 1991, John Griffin Realty Ltd was created and John continues to travel widely within the North Island, building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and industry members. John has become acknowledged as an industry expert has been appointed as a consultant to the motel association of NZ and is often called on for help with issues such as rent reviews or planning a new motel build. This experience has led to numerous industry accolades such as Fellow of REINZ, life member Motel Association of New Zealand, life member of the Waikato Motel Association and Waikato representative for the REINZ Business Brokers sector group.

“In my time I have seen a lot of people come & go but most of my life has been devoted to this industry and that makes a huge difference to the sale process for all parties.” says John.

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