“All we needed was there” says one review and that’s exactly what a new lessee will find. All you need is here: a good business, a fabulous motel complex, a great home to live in and a fantastic spot at the beach.
This quality 11 unit motel is spacious, clean and well presented. The facilities in the units are modern and attractive catering to all your guests. With a mixture of Studio units, one bedrooms and two bedroom units the motel can find the perfect space for any guest. Good facilities in the rooms, some with their own private courtyards and a guest BBQ area with chess game make for a very comfortable stay.
The business shows a steady track record and provides a good income to a new lessee. Running the business for yourself lifts the restrictions of working for someone else, allowing you to be your own boss and reap the rewards from your efforts. Enjoy the independence and satisfaction of being self employed.
Whilst you are doing this you will get to enjoy living in a fabulous house. Large modern living with two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs is complimented with one bedroom and one living/bedroom with small courtyard downstairs. The bathroom and separate motel kitchen combined with these downstairs rooms create a great space for extra living or for when you have minders to look after the motel.
Add to all these great things the fact that the motel is located in a very popular beach side town which means you get to enjoy all the benefits that go with living by the sea.
This motel is a perfect entry level motel, very hard to beat this quality at this price. Like we said all you need is here so contact us now for more information.