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Over 40 years of Motel and Hospitality Industry experience

We have hands on operating experience and give practical informed advice so you can make the right life choice when buying or selling a motel.

John Griffin Realty

John Griffin Realty ltd was established 25 years ago as a specialist motel brokerage. What makes us different is our belief that it is all about the people and not just about the sale. We don’t just sell any motel to any person but match up your needs and goals with a complex which will help you achieve your dream.

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    Are you up to date with employment regulations

    Kathie’s Korner Employment changes. Some of you may be aware that there have been recent changes to the Employment regulations. As I always like to keep abreast of business changes I recently attended a seminar held by Employsure in regard to employment and some of these changes. It is important to note any changes in legislation and review this against your current employment contracts ...

    How do you know youv'e got there if you don't know where you are going? Planning for your business.

    How will you know when you get there if you don’t know where you are going?   I think this is a great saying and very relevant to both life and business. Would you invest your life savings in a finance company who had no defined plans and were just stumbling along form day to day? I am sure most of us would agree that this would not be a wise investment. I see many people investing...

    Anti Money Laundering Bill 2009 and how it effects you when selling your motel.

    As an accredited business broker and in order to ensure I give the best possible service to clients I am continually undertaking further education. The latest issue which effects real estate agents and subsequently moteliers selling their business is the Anti Money Laundering Bill 2009 The anti money laundering bill was introduced in 2009 and is being phased in over different sectors of NZ ove...

    John and Anne Retire after more than 48 years

    After more than 48 years in Real Estate, most of those specializing in the motel industry John and Anne Griffin are hanging up their business hats to retire and fulfill their bucket list. John Griffin Realty Ltd. Will continue providing specialized motel industry service under the new management of Kathie and Richard Shepard. John has achieved many milestones in his successful career. He is kn...

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